Shoes for Kids

It Began with 50 Pair of Shoes…

An organization that the Perry Foundation supports every year is the Navigation Area Business Association (“NABA”). NABA’s sole mission is to provide brand new shoes for school-aged children in the East End Area of Houston through its “Shoes For Kids” program.

Shoes for Kids, founded by Yolanda Black Navarro and Bill Woodby in 1988, has been a cornerstone of the Houston community for over three decades. Together, they embarked on a mission to make a profound impact on the lives of children in need through the provision of new, properly fitted shoes.

Understanding the critical importance of suitable footwear for a child’s well-being and self-esteem, Yolanda and Bill established Shoes for Kids with a vision to ensure that no child in Houston would have to face the challenges of inadequate shoes. What started as a heartfelt gesture with a donation of 50 pairs of shoes has since blossomed into a powerful movement that continues to grow and thrive.

Throughout its rich history, Shoes for Kids has remained unwavering in its commitment to providing new shoes and empowering children in the community. The organization’s annual event, eagerly anticipated each year, has steadily expanded, drawing the support and involvement of volunteers, sponsors, and community members alike. Together, they work hand in hand to bring the gift of properly fitted shoes to more and more children in need.

Shoes for Kids recognizes that its impact extends beyond the act of providing shoes. The organization actively engages with local schools, community centers, and social organizations, raising awareness about the significance of proper footwear and advocating for the overall well-being of children. By partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, Shoes for Kids strives to address the underlying issues affecting children’s lives and foster holistic support for their development.

The legacy of Yolanda Black Navarro and Bill Woodby serves as an enduring inspiration for Shoes for Kids. Their shared vision, unwavering compassion, and dedication have guided the organization’s growth and success over the years. Today, Shoes for Kids continues to honor their legacy, providing children in Houston with the opportunity to walk confidently, dream big, and realize their full potential.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can empower children to walk with confidence and create a brighter future. To learn more about our history, volunteer opportunities, and ways to support our cause, please visit our website at [website link].

Together, let’s walk towards a future where every child’s steps are supported, their potential nurtured, and their dreams realized.

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Remembering Yolanda Black Navarro

Honoring the Legacy of Yolanda Black Navarro: A Champion for Children in Houston

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Navigation Area Business Association (“NABA”) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1988.

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